Roughly 17,000 homes catch fire a year due to their dryer vent exhaust that builds up with lint over time. Lint build up in your vents that are not maintained can increase the chances of your dryer catching fire. Ontario Steam Carpet & Duct Cleaning has serviced and cleaned thousands of dry vents in the Windsor Essex County area.

Benefits of having your dryer vent cleaning will be
• Reduce the risk of your dryer exhaust catching on fire
• A decrease in your monthly bill
• Your clothes will dry faster which lead to a lower amount of lint found in the dryer
• Stuffed dryer vent exhaust is the leading cause to the dryer to overheat

Having your dryer vent exhaust cleaned out by Ontario Steam Carpet & Duct Cleaning is not something you expect to do but is an important practice of home maintenance to lower your risk of future home incidents.

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