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Ontario Steam Carpet & Duct Cleaning offers professional Air Duct Cleaning services in the Windsor Essex County area being one of the only self-owned and operated trucks in the city. Our technicians offer over 34 years of experience. Having a professional trained air duct cleaning technician is important when completing the services as are technician have in-depth understanding, knowledge, and experience with the ability to complete the job efficiently, correctly and professionally time manner.
Air duct cleaning is an important practice of home maintenance as over time your air ducts build up with leading which leads to the non-healthy home environment are the following;
• Dust
• Debris
• Mould
• Unwanted smells
• Bacteria
• Dead insects
• Dander
• Pollen
Over time this build up in your air duct system will lead to low pressure of cold and hot air coming from your air vents, blocked return air vents not allowing air to exit the room, higher cost in your utility bills than usual, leading cause of allergies, coughing, sneezing and itchy eyes. Call or message us to talk directly to the operator to answer any more questions you have or to book your appointment today.